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Bruce M. Molett, Chief of Police
6860 Plainfield Road
Silverton, OH 45236
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The Mission of the Silverton Police Department

Integrity: Firm adherence to a code of moral values; behavior characterized by honesty, uprightness and sincerity. Public trust can only exist with integrity and respect for one another. The members of the Silverton Police Department are committed to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and ethics. We expect to be held accountable for our actions and are open and honest in our dealings with the public.

Commitment to Employees:
The department recognizes that its employees are vital to the successful delivery of police services. We believe we can achieve our highest potential by actively involving our employees in solving problems and improving police services. We promote and encourage an organization climate of mutual trust and respect.

Community Partnership:
Recognizing that police agencies were established as a result of society's voluntary limitation of personal freedoms, we encourage and expect the participation of the community in facilitating solutions to problems of mutual concern. We therefore solicit and support contributions from all members of this community regardless of their race, sex, creed, national origin or social status.

Department members shall uphold laws. We respect the laws that we are required to enforce, and we shall uphold those laws in an ethical, impartial, courteous, and professional manner while respecting the rights and dignity of all persons. We shall strive to achieve a balance between enforcement and community needs which reflects both the spirit and the letter of the law.

Recognizing the changed and diverse needs of the community, the Department promotes and encourages a policy of professional and individual excellence. The integrity and professionalism demanded of members of the Silverton Police Department shall ensure the proper, lawful, and unbiased application of police powers.

We are committed to excellence and strive to provide the highest quality of professional law enforcement service to the community with the ultimate goal of maintaining order, thereby enhancing the quality of life within the City of Silverton. We are responsive to the needs of the community and constantly seek out innovative ways to meet the demands placed on us a s guardians of society.

Identity Theft Verification Passport Program

 Identity theft is becoming one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States, and its victims can spend an enormous amount of time rebuilding their name and their records. With the problems of identity theft spreading so quickly, the Ohio Attorney General's Office has taken necessary steps in order to help victims recover from this particularly harmful crime.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, over 7100 Ohioans were victims of identity theft in 2005. While there are certain types of crimes that are less common in suburban or rural areas, identity theft is not specific to any geographical area. This is why it is imperative that the law enforcement community take proactive measures to ensure that they are equipped to handle this type of crime.

In 2004, Attorney General Jim Petro unveiled the Identity Theft Verification PASSPORT Program. This program provides identity theft victims a method of establishing, with law enforcement and creditors, that their identity has been stolen and begin rehabilitating their credit history and identifying any fraudulent criminal charges. Until then, those affected by identity theft have had few ways to establish their innocence and reassert control over their information.

A PASSPORT application can only be filed by law enforcement through the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway (OHLEG). The law enforcement agency then transmits the application instantaneously to the Attorney General's Office. The Attorney General's Office verifies the information and issues a unique identifying number to the victim, which is placed on the PASSPORT card issued to the victim.

The PASSPORT Program uses a number of security features to enhance its reliability and security including a photograph, biometric fingerprint and signature. Officers can verify an identity theft victims identity by seeing whether the photograph, fingerprint and signature match those stored on the database via OHLEG.

The program has the support of the Buckeye State Sheriffs Association, Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, Ohio Department of Public Safety, Federal Trade Commission, and National Notary Association. Citizens that feel that they may be an identity theft victim should contact Lt. Bruce Plummer with the Silverton Police Department at 936-6224.

Keep an Eye on Your License Plates!!

Recently a woman noticed that her son's front license plate was missing from his car. He immediately reported this to his local police department. The responding officer told him that this is a current trend due to high gas prices. The officer went on to say that the suspects will steal the license plates, put them on their cars and then pump gas and leave without paying. Who cares if anyone copies down the license number - it's stolen anyway! Please get into the habit of checking your license plates daily. This could save you time and trouble on down the road.

Grandparents Beware - Check out this scam that has been making its rounds for some time now -

 An elderly resident received a phone call from someone posing as her grandon. He told her that he was arrested in Windsor, Canada for DUI after a crash and asked her to send $2500 via Western Union to post bond so he could get out of jail. When she said that she did not know how to do that, the "officer" got on the phone and gave her step by step instructions. She sent the money in her grandson's name to Canada. After not hearing from her grandson for the rest of the day she decided to call him. Her grandson told her that he was at work and had not been to Canada in years. After doing some quick research, they found that the money had already been picked up in Windsor. What a scam.

Silverton Block Watch Association
The Silverton Police Department is proud to sponsor the Silverton Block Watch Association. Click here to learn more about the associaton, its mission and its programs.


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